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Using positive behaviour support to enhance lives

Harry has a learning disability, autism and shows behaviours that challenge.

While not an aggressive person, Harry’s behaviours have led to him being destructive in certain situations.

Harry needs to be kept focused in order to not get overstimulated.

We collaborated with health professionals and put together a Positive Behaviour Support plan that would support staff to identify and pre-empt situations that increase Harry’s challenging behaviour and support him in a way that reduces the likelihood of it happening.

The goal being to positively enhance Harry’s life.

Our staff were also given Positive Behaviour Support training to recognise the triggers and any lapses in support that cause the behaviours.

While a reactive strategy is in place for Harry, physical interventions have dramatically reduced.

Jeanette, the manager at Harry’s service, said: “Harry’s quality of life is constantly improving. Harry’s grandmother believes he has grown up a lot over the past year as he’s being supported to do more in his local community by himself.

“Previously, when he was at a residential college, Harry was doing more group activities. His current support plan enables him to choose what he wants to do.”

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