Here at Walsingham Support, our board meetings are unlike any other. Here, we do things differently.

Our board meetings take place six times a year, and for each meeting we invite an individual we support to give feedback on various areas. Sarah from Wales kindly stepped up and gave us her take on the values that underpin our ambition to create an equal and diverse society.

Here's what Sarah had to say about our values:

Sarah page 1

Sarah page 2

Sarah enjoyed the meeting and loved to see everyone over the video call. She enjoyed talking about what was important to her and meeting people she had not met before. She found it very interesting and is looking forward to the next one.

When the individuals we support share their thoughts and feelings on how we do things, they give us invaluable insight, ensuring our focus stays true to our ambition and values. To read more, click here

A big thank you to Sarah for sharing her story with us.

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