A 262ft drop in honour of 35 years celebrating equality no matter what an individual's ability.

Over the last 18 months, Covid-19 has offered persistent challenges for us all. Despite these challenges, Walsingham Support has and will continue to go to any lengths to provide meaningful support. This support enables individuals with learning disabilities to become active members in their communities and create opportunities for happiness.

However, the issue of social isolation hinders these efforts and remains a strong concern that has been identified by the individuals we support through our inclusion groups. To combat this issue of social isolation, Walsingham Support is looking for ways to connect through virtual or more localised events.

Our frontline team has been essential in this. They show up day after day in the face of unrelenting adversity. At the height of the pandemic, team members chose to stay away from their family homes to ensure that support remained consistent for individuals separated from loved ones and their communities. We are humbled by the amazing stories of selfless acts by our colleagues every day across the organisation.

Donations are vital to ensuring that Walsingham Support can continue to support and connect in innovative ways.

In order to help with the fundraising efforts, Donna and Paul will be collecting donations, by abseiling and facing their fear of heights (while in fancy dress). The donations will help Walsingham Support purchase and implement new technologies as well as fund events to combat loneliness, support connection and safeguard mental wellbeing.

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