Taking a leaf out of Richard's book

Our trustee’s life story making it to print

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Just her luck!

An amazing story of an individual we support and her bingo winning streak

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Why Walsingham Support?

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Work with us and make a real difference to people's lives

At Walsingham Support, our people are the linchpin of the organisation and all our work. Our staff understand what we’re about and are committed to making our vision a reality.

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35 for 35 | Our Anniversary

Looking back on over 35 years of supporting individuals with learning disabilities living their lives to the full with us.

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Support Us

For individuals whose income is restricted by a disability, enjoying the simple things that most of us take for granted can be just out of reach. Not viewed as a necessity, these things frequently fall outside of an individual’s assessed funding and…

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For Walsingham Support, it’s not just about the support we deliver, it’s about the happiness this can provide.