An amazing story of an individual we support and her bingo winning streak

Some people carry a rabbit’s foot, others touch wood, but if our staff need a little luck they will just need to call Susan!

Susan, an individual we support in Wales, went to her first bingo session before the Covid-19 pandemic shut the hall. On her bingo debut, she won £10 for getting all the numbers in a line!

Susan enjoyed her bingo session so much that as soon as restrictions were lifted she went back again. The bingo hall gave Susan the tablet that marked the numbers off her electronic card for her, and this time, she had a full house, winning £50, to which she shouted “I’m rich!” Susan loves her jewellery, so the winnings went on a new pair of earrings. Susan loves going out in the community and talking to people, so when she goes to bingo she gets very excited.

This was where the story was going to end, but at the time of writing, a member of staff at Susan’s home got in touch and advised that Susan has been to bingo recently and won again, winning £10 for another line!

Huge well done to Susan for getting out and making friends in her local community, and for her fabulous winning streak. Maybe if the staff could ask Susan to pick six numbers for the lottery…