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A personal approach to day support

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At Walsingham Support, we are willing to try new approaches and we’re well known for making practical innovations that enhance the quality of life and happiness of people, within budget.

A local authority asked us to work in partnership with them to modernise the day support of 10 people with profound and multiple learning disabilities who we support at one of our residential care services.

Each person had attended a day centre but the local authority wanted us to investigate whether a more personalised approach to day time support could be introduced.

Following consultations with each person and their family, we proposed a new plan of tailored day time support that would be run by our staff.

People are now pursuing activities in their local community that are focused on their own interests. They are happier, healthier and have developed better relationships with support staff, and improved their social and language skills.

The feedback we’ve received from families and other stakeholders has affirmed the success of the initiative, which also resulted in efficiencies for the local authority without a reduction in quality for the people being supported.

A relative of one of the individuals said: “I’m sure she’s happier. She is getting more involved in other things and projects.”

Another person’s relative said: “He has been helped to develop his social skills and is now much happier to communicate with people in the community and seems much more confident doing so. He is supported to go to work and build more relationships with people he comes into contact with.”

If you, a family member or friend would like to find out more about the day support we provide, get in touch via the contact form below and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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