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Choosing my support

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Supported living

Katy has a learning disability and moved from a residential college into her own tenancy where she receives support from Walsingham Support.

Leaving college was an exciting time for Katy, particularly the prospect of becoming more independent.

Katy’s keyworker and Dad, Derek, wanted to encourage her independence and recommended she apply for direct payments from her local authority.

Direct payments have enabled Katy to manage her support and choose when she needs it most. She enjoys the flexibility this allows her and has become more confident within herself.

Receiving her support allowance directly gives Katy the choice to save her support hours for when she needs them most. This is particularly useful for Katy’s annual trips to Blackpool.

Katy said: “I like to use some of my hours to go on holiday to Blackpool.”

Derek added: “Direct payments have enabled Katy to grow as a person and to acquire new skills and develop relationships.”

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