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Finding my independence

Photo of Brian

Brian has a physical disability and cerebral palsy. He struggles with his confidence and was worried he would require support at his new job.

In 2010, he moved from a large institution into one of Walsingham Support’s extra care services. He now lives independently in his own flat and has support from an on-site care team when he needs it.

After moving into his new home, Brian attended a daycentre but decided he wanted to try something different.

He started looking for voluntary employment in the local area and was offered a part time position at a charity shop.

Staff at Walsingham Support knew that Brian would question his own ability to work unsupported. They reassured him that he had the ability to work independently and supported him to overcome his anxieties.

Since starting his new job, Brian has become more confident. He said:

“I’m am really pleased to have started this job and so far I am really enjoying it. I am focused on what I need to do and am looking forward to being trained to use the tils.”