Walsingham Support is pleased to present our Gender Pay Gap Report for the 2023 financial year. The Gender Pay Gap, or Gender Wage Gap, is the average difference between the remuneration for men and women who are working. As an organisation, we see an equal and diverse society, and it is our constant goal to reflect that in our business practices, recruitment process and ethics.

The report at a glance:

• Walsingham Support employs significantly more women than men across its workforce with 74.8% of employees identified as female and 25.2% identified as male

• Pay Gap Closed: Achieved a negative pay gap, meaning women now earn slightly more than men.

Average female pay 1.5% higher than males.

Median female pay 2.4% higher than males.

• Factors Contributing to Change:

Increased female representation in senior leadership (50% of executive team, 80% of senior team).

More balanced gender distribution across all pay quartiles.

Throughout Walsingham Support’s 35+ years of operating, we have been and continue to be fully committed to equality and diversity, and has employed people according to the requirements of the role, not according to gender. We support flexible and part time working across all areas of the organisation, enabling more than half of our organisation to work on a part time basis to support their work life balance needs.

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2023