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Our Gender Report Pay Gap 2022

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Our Gender Pay Gap Report for the 2022 fiscal year is now available, and we're pleased to share it with you. At Walsingham Support, we believe in creating an equal and diverse society, and we strive to reflect these values in our business practices, recruitment process, and ethics. The Gender Pay Gap, also known as the Gender Wage Gap, refers to the difference between the average pay of men and women in the workforce.

The report at a glance:

  • Walsingham Support is committed to promoting equality and diversity throughout its workforce. As of the snapshot date, we employed 880 individuals, of which 77.8% identified as female and 22.3% as male. While this means that the average number of women is higher, the median pay for women is 15.3% less than that of men.
  • From May 2021 to April 2022, we made 1243 bonus payments to 741 individuals for recruitment, long service, performance, and other reasons and a higher percentage of women than men received these bonus payments, with 579 females and 162 males receiving a bonus payment.
  • Although the Executive Leadership team was previously comprised of 25% female representation and 75% male representation, recent changes mean that the split is now 50:50. Meanwhile, the Senior Leadership team has 71% female representation and 29% male representation.

For over 35 years, Walsingham Support has remained fully committed to promoting equality and diversity in its workforce. We believe in hiring employees based on their qualifications and suitability for the role, regardless of gender. Our organisation values flexible and part-time working arrangements for our employees. This approach supports work-life balance needs, with more than half of our workforce working part-time.

To learn more about our commitment to equality and diversity, please click on the report below.

Our Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

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