Marion, a 66-year-old person we support who joined our service in North Yorkshire in 2008, is ecstatic over her most recent achievement: losing weight.

At the beginning of the year Marion, who has a learning disability, hearing impairment and is diabetic, identified that she wanted to lose weight to maintain her health and wellbeing. Through sheer determination and with the help of our staff in Middlesbrough we are delighted to announce that Marion has lost over two stone since then.

Marion, who is independent and clearly determined, has type 2 diabetes. After announcing her desire to lose weight her support workers decided to bring in a dietitian. In February Marion made her first visit to the nutrition clinic who recommended a series of exercises and healthier foods for her to eat.

While the exercise part of Marion’s weight loss regime has been less of a focus, Marion’s motivation to lose weight through healthier eating has made a real difference. During monthly visits to the dietitian, Marion was given lots of easy read information and an Eatwell Guide to help show what her plate should look like and make her aware of portion sizes. Now every month Marion, with the help of her support workers, gets weighed at James Cook Hospital. These visits to the local hospital, as well as her increased mobility and health, are what incentives Marion to continue losing weight.

Moreover, since this dramatic weight loss, Marion has stopped having to take Sitagliptin – one of her daily diabetic tablets; it’s simply no longer required. The best part for Marion though? Shopping for new clothes! With a difference of two-sizes, “her clothes are too big for her now. She has a whole new wardrobe” says Ellen, Locality Manager.

“I feel better now I have lost weight, and I like shopping for new clothes,” says Marion.

At Walsingham Support we are here to support people to live their lives to the full. This positive change for Marion has been made possible not only by her willpower but by the whole team’s effort which includes 9 support workers. The staff have supported with healthy meals and informed decision making. As a result, Marion has learned a lot about what she can and can’t eat.

Last month the dietitian visited and gave a very proud Marion an award for her weight loss and discharged her. As Ellen puts it: “It's pretty good isn’t it?”

So, what next for Marion? Well, she wants to lose another stone and just carry on doing what she’s doing.