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Three Generations of Care | Carer's Week

Jade and Becky

We’re celebrating Carer’s Week this week by talking to three members of our incredible staff who all happened to be related!

Becky, Jade and Charly all work for Walsingham Support. Becky, one of our Quality & Projects Officer, who is grandmother to Charly and mother to Jade, began working for Walsingham Support, 7 years ago as a manager in some of our services. Becky who has worked in the care sector for over 20 years decided to join Walsingham Support because of the “person-centred” approach. “I wanted to work for a charity, it’s not all about the money, having previously worked in the private care sector, I wasn’t always able to take my clients’ wishes into account or take active support into account”, she explains. 

Becky passed on this love of care onto her granddaughter, Charly, who completed work experience at Walsingham Support during her time in secondary school, at the age of 14. Charly, now 21, also works for Walsingham Support, “She wanted to make sure she could drive before applying, just so she could get around everywhere, she finally passed her test and once she did, she applied for a support worker role right away!”, Becky laughs.

“The work experience was a real eye-opener, I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed it”, Charly, has now been working for around 2 years. “If someone my age was considering working in care, I would say that it’s rewarding but can be challenging. I’d also add that you need to be able to look at the bigger picture and if you’re not good, working under pressure, it’s not for you. You need to make quick decisions and at the end of the day, you need to remember, this is someone’s life in your hands”, Charly says confidently. 

Charly also has the added responsibility of being a key worker to Sharon, one of the people we support. “I work with her to set goals and one of my favourite things is watching her achieve the, for example at Christmas, one of Sharon’s goals was to make a Christmas Log. She worked so hard to try and make one but it just wasn’t working for her. So we decided to pivot and we bought a Chocolate Log and decorated it. Sharon had such a good attitude about it and in the end, loved what she made”, she tells me fondly.

At Walsingham Support we have a dedicated team who work hard to deliver quality and value, working together for greater independence, they know and understand that it’s not just support, it’s happiness. The support and happiness of the people we support is just as important as that of our team, ensuring flexibility for those who want to work but have other commitments, like Jade. “The MGH contract is fantastic for me, it provided me with a good opportunity in a job I enjoy doing, I wish I’d done it sooner”, Jade tells me. 

Charly and Jade

Jade is mother to Charly but also mother to a 16-year-old, a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old. “I’ve actually found that since working at Walsingham Support, I’m much more patient, it’s improved my parenting skills! I’m finding, I’m really allowing my kids to be more independent, similar to how I work with the people we support to gain their independence”, Jade says laughing, “It’s such a massive privilege to work with the people we support and so rewarding. I also like to think I learned from the best”, she continues fondly eluding to her mother.


If you’re interested in a career in care, follow the link to see some of our current opportunities! Or email [javascript protected email address]