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The More you Do, The Easier it Gets: Gwyn's Independence

Gwyn, a person we support in Wales has achieved his goals of greater independence.

Gwyn, a person we support at a supported living home in Swansea is striving to become more independent. Gwyn, who has cerebral palsy and learning disabilities needed support with tasks such as making breakfast. However, with the support of his staff team Gwyn is able to complete many of his tasks independently. He now wakes up and makes his own breakfast, normally cereal or toast and as a result of this we have been able to reduce the number of support hours he now needs. . 

At the beginning of this year, following an ‘outcome-focused assessment’, Gwyn decided on a set of personal and well-being goals. Gwyn already had a strong level of independence, such as tending his laundry and cleaning his bedroom with staff prompts. More recently Gwyn wished to make and use a visual board with an activity planner to help him to plan his week, as one of his goals. A typical week involves going out and meeting people attending the Vale day centre and the Friends of Young Disabled group twice a week using his car.

Gwyn gets around with the use of a walking frame and a wheelchair specifically for long distances. In order to improve his strength and mobility, his second goal was to go for more walks and attend Bikeability in Dunvant, Swansea. Gwyn also wanted these activities to be included in his activity’s planner, his third and final goal was to be able to make a simple dinner for himself. With the use of his visual board and activity’s planner, Gwyn has been able to plan his week, weather dependent, of course! Gwyn looks forward to choosing, shopping, preparing and cooking a meal saying, “My favourite meal to cook is spaghetti Bolognese”.

We understand that the individual we support, and their genuine needs are at the centre of everything we do. Our role in their lives is a privilege and we celebrate that by ensuring we work together with them to find solutions that meet their unique aspirations and ambitions.

As Gwyn’s skills and knowledge improve, he continues to complete many tasks independently, growing in confidence. He wants to spread the word by saying “make sure you tell everyone the more you do things, the easier it gets”, we completely agree with you Gwyn!

Congratulations! And we look forward to hearing all about your next achievement!  

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