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Taking steps into independence

Change was sudden and significant for Sharon, when she lost her Mum and Dad in quick succession. Being her primary carers, the loss of her parents meant Sharon swapping her family home for a shared house with her support now provided by Walsingham.

As a bright, funny and fiercely independent woman Sharon was the perfect addition to the house, but she was clear from the start that this was just the first step towards her goal of living independently. 

Sharon’s keyworker, worked with her to develop a clear staged plan to help develop the confidence she would need to live independently. Over the next 12 months they worked on key skills like, managing money, understanding and preparing food, household chores and taking an active role in decisions around her support needs.

Although determined to make the move to a place of her own, Sharon was understandably apprehensive about living alone and worried that she could be lonely. Our solution was simple; find a flat near enough to the house she was leaving that Sharon could visit whenever the mood took her.

As a charity, we were also able to provide Sharon will some additional funding for assistive technology to add to her new home. A pill dispenser helps Sharon easily manage her medication, while a security system gives her peace of mind when alone. With this new independence has come new interests and hobbies including baking and gardening.

This has made a huge difference to Sharon’s life, but you don’t have to take our word for it. “This has been a really positive experience for Sharon despite the sad changes in her life.” says Steve, Sharon’s brother. “She has blossomed.”