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Surfs up for Dan

Our staff have a ‘can do’ attitude and were determined to support Dan to achieve the goal of surfing, no matter how long it might take.

Dan has profound learning and physical disabilities, including complex epilepsy and scoliosis, and is only able to communicate via eye contact and facial expressions. 

At Walsingham Support, we respect choices, recognise capabilities, increase independence and meet needs appropriately.

Our staff worked with Dan and his parents to develop a person-centred plan that would challenge him and his support workers to push his boundaries and satisfy his sensory needs.

These goals included brushing his teeth with support, going on holiday without his parents and going surfing.

It was important that all foreseeable challenges were considered, including what equipment would be needed and how Dan would be supported on the surf board.

After discussions between support workers and Dan’s parents, the arrangements were made to ensure Dan would safely enjoy the day.

As predicted by staff, Dan loved being out of his wheelchair and floating on the water. He’s since bought some surf mitts and wants to get his own wetsuit.

Nicola Jones, Locality Manager, said: “The smile on Dan’s face spoke a thousand words – it was a massive achievement for him. This was truly an unforgettable moment for Dan and all involved.”