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Supporting the journey to independence

For someone with severe autism and challenging behaviour, deviating from something small on a daily routine can cause great anxiety, let alone having to deal with a change as big as moving into independent living.

Staff at Walsingham started providing lifestyle support to *Robert when he turned 18. He was living at home with his parents.

Over time it became apparent to us and his parents that Robert would need to move to a specialist service that could personalise his support.

We specialise in developing new services and delivering support for complex needs.

Staff met with Robert over a number of months, allowing him to gradually build up a trusting relationship with them.

He was able to visit the house where he’d be living several times, sleeping over on occasions, before feeling comfortable to move in.

Robert has flourished since moving to the supported living service. He has developed new skills to support him to be more independent.

Robert still shows behaviours that challenge, but these have reduced thanks in part to having his own space and time to be by himself when he wants.

Mark, the locality manager at Robert’s service, said: “Robert’s transition has been a complete success. He always enjoys seeing his parents, but Robert is no longer dependent on them. They are content because they know he is happy with his new life.”

*Service users name has been changed