Walsingham Support's adoption of the STOMP campaign (stopping the over-medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both) continues, after staff around the country gather data on psychotropic medicine use and teams work together on how best to implement it. The gathered data will inform policy changes, with the a further in depth review of policy scheduled for November. An overarching action plan on how we will achieve this can be found here.

STOMP aligns with Walsingham Support's aim of providing support that delivers greater independence and happiness for the people we support, and the reduction of the over use of medication is something we are all keen to see.

Involvement Conference STOMP Workshop

Our 2017 Involvement Conference, where the people we support are given a platform to shape the care they receive, had a workshop surrounding STOMP. Delivered by Jill Parker, from VODG's STOMP initiative, and Carl Shaw, Learning Disability Advisor to NHS England, the interactive talk discussed over medication and how it can make people feel, with the resulting videos below,

Part 1

Part 2