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Healthier and happier

Alison has been supported by Walsingham Support in Cumbria since 2010 and, as with every individual we support, her personal goals are unique.

Alison felt that she struggled to maintain what she considered to be a healthy weight and after gaining more weight recently, she decided to change her lifestyle. 

Alison told her keyworker that she wanted to join a weight loss group to help her tackle the issue. Walsingham Support staff worked with Alison to help her choose a group that she felt was right for her.

At first Alison found it difficult to cut back on her favourite treats, especially in the evening, but now, with support and the motivation she gets from the group, she finds it much easier.

With the help of her support staff, Alison has worked on preparing healthier meals for herself and now makes a packed lunch to take with her when going out for the day so that she has total control over her diet.

She has also added regular exercise to her daily routine and now cycles to the day service she attends when the weather is nice instead of taking a taxi.

Alison said: “I am happy with the way it’s going and I can’t wait for each week to see if I can lose more.”

Since joining the weight loss group Alison has lost over a stone and is over the moon with her progress.

We hope that with support from her keyworker and the Walsingham Support team she will continue to achieve the goals that matter to her most.