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Every Day Is Different


We are proud to support the nation-wide Adult Social Care Recruitment Campaign launched by The Department of Health & Social Care this week. During February and March, the wonderful work that support workers and carers do on a day to day basis will be showcased, misconceptions about the career will be dispelled and opportunities to work will be put in the spotlight.

The campaign is aimed at those who are interested in pursuing a career in the sector and those that have never considered it alike, with a quick and intuitive quiz letting participants know in six simple questions if a career in social care is suitable for them.

Leading the endeavour is the phrase Every Day Is Different. At Walsingham Support, we know this to be true. No two days are ever the same. Social Care is challenging. Social Care is unpredictable. But from that unpredictability and from that challenge comes reward. A smile. A thank you. A life changed.

Over the course of the campaign, we will provide an insight into life at Walsingham Support. You will hear from our talented staff, you will hear from the amazing individuals that you could impact the lives of and you will see just how different every day can be.

There are currently many support work opportunities available all over the country to work for us and strive not just for support, but for happiness. Every day is different, because everyone is different. We see an equal and diverse society where people with disabilities are citizens in their own right and each and every staff member contributes to that vision in their own way.

Together with every single member of our team, you play a vital role in making Walsingham Support a great place to be for the people we support and for their families. People are at the heart of everything we do. Each team member receives individual support through a unique training programme that utilises the best in contemporary skills development techniques along with our own values training.

A career in social care is the chance to change a life. You will never stop learning. You will never stop growing. We can’t promise it will be easy, but it won’t be boring.

Be part of someone’s story. Do the extraordinary every day. Apply for one of our support worker roles.

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