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Developing skills for better independence

Developing Skills

Mum Tracy was left unhappy after being told by a care provider that they couldn't support her son Gary to develop new and essential life skills.

Tracy wanted Gary, who has autism, to gain independence and learn basic life skills, like preparing his own food, and do meaningful, stimulating activities.

“The reaction I received felt like I was asking for the earth, moon and stars,” says Tracy.

Tracy met with our staff and explained her and Gary’s situation.

Gary gets very anxious when meeting new people, refusing to interact with them. Our staff spent time with Gary, steadily introducing themselves into his life until he was comfortable with them being around.

To ensure that Gary’s individual needs would be supported, staff received bespoke training, provided by an external trainer, who also met Gary and his family.

Gary is now supported four days a week and is developing new skills, including personal care and meal preparation, while also participating in activities in the community that he’s chosen, like swimming.

“He’s a totally different person,” says Tracy. “He’s healthier because he’s more physically active and is mentally active, learning computer skills. He is so much more fulfilled and happy. My son is acquiring the skills he needs to enable him to one day move into supported living.”