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Confidence boost for David

After years of attending a local day centre, David decided one day that he no longer wanted to go.

David has a mild learning disability and Down’s syndrome and has been supported at a Walsingham Support residential care home for more than 20 years.

As he no longer wanted to attend day centre our staff started supporting him as much they could during the day, but were concerned that he would become socially isolated.

Our main goal is the quality of life and happiness of every person we support. Working with David’s family, our staff raised the issue with the local authority, asking the adult care services team to provide funding for more staffing hours.

The local authority suggested an alternative in the form of an outreach programme with an external provider.

We work collaboratively with other agencies to get the best outcomes, so our staff met up with the outreach provider and worked in partnership with them to create a programme of tailored activities for David.

“David is now joining local groups and has been supported to pursue interests in the community,” says Philip Nightingale, Locality Manager at David’s service.