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A Home for Life

David, a person we support in Newent

“People are so friendly; my new home is much better”

When David, 52, a person we support in Newent showed concern over his anti-social neighbours, our team began the work to find him a suitable place to live. Prior to living independently, David lived at Pound Farm for more than 20 years and so is familiar with Newent. It can be hard for anyone when looking for a new home but especially so for individuals with disabilities, as often private landlords are reluctant to rent to individuals with disabilities. Over a year later, however, David finally found a long-term home in Newent which allowed him to live the way he wants to. After discussing his support needs and wishes with him, David’s requirements for a new home were not much, he didn’t want to live in town, he wanted nice neighbours and he wanted a garden. All three requirements were met, and David moved into a lovely Bungalow with a garden, in October 2019. His support workers understood that it’s not just support, it’s happiness.

The home was kindly rented to David by the local church, Gorsley Chapel who said that if David likes, “he has a home for life”. The chapel is a big part of the community, where people we support from Pound Farm often attend services. David who has mild learning disabilities and epilepsy is very independent, only seeing his support worker 19.5 hours a week. Additionally, he volunteers at the local florist once a week and also volunteers at the church, helping make teas and coffees for parishioners.

Although David himself does not have green fingers, he has a gardener provided for by the church who comes and tends to the plants, who David often makes cups of tea for and chats about the football to. An avid football fan, he supports Aston Villa and attends their matches when he can. It’s fantastic that David has been supported to make connections with the local community, becoming a valued and well-known member.

Speaking to David, it’s clear he’s settled into his new home well, “My next door neighbour turned 100, the other week and I went to see him and gave him a card”, when I remark that this was very thoughtful of him, David replies “ He used to be in the armed forced, because of him, we have the life we live now”, I couldn’t agree with him more.

David is supported to live his life to the full and it’s evident when speaking to him that he does, he is able to make decisions about his home and well-being and is supported to engage in activities that that he wants and that make the most of his skills. We can’t wait to hear about what else you get up to in your home new home, David! 

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