Health and safety

Health and safety is a very important issue for us – both for the people we support and our staff.

Although it takes a lot of paperwork, we believe it essential to maintain our high standards. Equally, we follow the rules about protecting vulnerable people and will safeguard against harm, abuse or bullying. We promote independence and will always complete risk assessments before new activities are considered.

We complete comprehensive risk assessments based on the needs, characteristics and behaviours of the individual(s) and the environment in which services are to be delivered.

The responsibility for health and safety within each service lies with the Locality Manager who leads the implementation of our Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Management Systems.

Managers supervise their staff to ensure that they work safely, providing increased supervision for new workers. Safe systems of work are developed and implemented for all equipment and tasks that pose hazards or risks and risk assessments are completed, recorded and regularly reviewed covering all processes and activities where a risk to health and safety exists. The significant findings of these assessments are brought to the attention of staff who may be affected.

Equipment is regularly serviced and records are maintain to ensure hazards and remedial actions are recorded, reported and managed effectively to ensure that equipment is fit for purpose. Staff are trained in the safe use and the completion of visual safety checks during induction and on going use.

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