About Bill

Bill had built up a successful career in health services before joining Walsingham Support in the newly created role of Care and Development Director in February 1990. He was a perfect fit for the charity, bringing expertise in health and social care and a passion for enhancing quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

He came on board at a crucial time; support had historically been provided by health services and adult social care, and was undergoing a shift towards being provided by charities like ours. Bill used his combination of skills and experience to guide Walsingham Support through this transition and helped us to connect with other service providers.

Bill also set up some of the organisational footprint that we still have in place: he was particularly pivotal in developing services in Hertfordshire, Cumbria and south London.

He worked at Walsingham Support until he passed away in January 2002.

Setting Up Bill's Fund

At Bill’s funeral, there was a collection of donations for Walsingham Support. Around £3,000 was raised, and together with Bill’s wife Mabel, we wanted to make sure it would all be used in a way that was befitting of Bill’s memory, going directly to people we support.

Rather than funding day-to-day essentials, it was important that the money would be used to really enhance people’s lives. To that end, Bill’s Fund was born.

Bill’s legacy

Many years on, Bill’s Fund continues to help to improve the lives of the people we support in an innovative way.

Crucially, it stays true to Walsingham Support’s values – putting people we support at the heart of everything we do. Those individuals choose what they want to use the fund for, and help decide how the money is ultimately spent.

Bill’s Fund is a fantastic resource for Walsingham Support and the people who use our services, and a perfect way to commemorate Bill’s life and achievements.

For many people, Bill was instrumental in helping them to move from long-stay hospitals into community-based settings. Through Bill’s Fund, he is still championing their right to live a happy and fulfilling life to this day.

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