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Supported living

Supported living is for adults with a disability who want to live independently.

Our supported living services enable people to live in their own home with their own tenancy. This can be a shared house, a group of flats or an individual house or flat.

People are supported by our staff to be involved in managing their tenancy and house.

Our services are very personal and we aim to find just the right level of support. This makes people feel safe, while enabling them to develop their skills and abilities.

We tailor support to each person by using person centred support planning.

We can support people with:

  • Daily living tasks
  • Personal care
  • Maintaining a tenancy
  • Health and medication support
  • Budgeting and managing money
  • Building links with friends, family and the community
  • Social and leisure activities
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Going to college or work.

If you, a member of your family or a friend would like some advice around supported living and the options available to you, get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Download our brochure to find out more about supported living

Supported living FAQs

  • How can you access supported living?

    You can be referred to a supported living service by your local authority or by contacting us directly.

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  • How do we involve the individual being supported?

    All of the people we support in supported living services are encouraged to give us feedback

    Our supported living services provide many opportunities for people to be involved in how the home is run, how they are supported and what they do at home and in the community.

    This can be anything from choosing how their room and other rooms are decorated and furnished, what they eat and where and when they eat, who supports them through deciding what characteristics are important in their staff and taking part in recruiting staff and by being involved in deciding if new people coming to live in the home are compatible.

    They can also be involved by taking responsibility for tasks in the house, such as testing fire alarms. People can also participate in our involvement groups and have a say about what we do.

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  • Where is supported living available?

    We offer this service across England and Wales.

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  • How is supported living staffed?

    All of our staff are recruited based on our values and complete our mandatory and additional training based on the needs of the people who they support. Staff will be on duty at agreed times, this could be 24 hour support or flexible support at times that are agreed with the individual, according to their individual plans and the funded hours to be provided.

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  • How much support is available?

    Support is tailored to individual needs and can be during the day, in the evening, overnight and/or at weekends. Some support might be shared if the person lives  with other people. They will also receive one to one support hours, based on their needs and support plan.

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