Having talked and listened to the people we support, we developed a Personalisation Strategy to ensure our person centred approaches meet the requirements.

We strongly support the view of the Department of Health, which says ‘every person who receives support, whether provided by statutory services or funded by themselves, will have choice and control over the shape of that support in all care settings’.

To us, personalisation means:

  • Working with an individual to provide tailored, unique, high quality care and support
  • Supporting people to put themselves at the centre of their care and support so that, as much as possible, they are in control of their lives
  • Supporting people to access information to make informed choices
  • Ensuring equal access to a range of opportunities
  • Building partnerships with others to support individuals living at home and in the community
  • Supporting positive risk taking to enable skills development
  • Maintaining a trained team led by experienced managers to provide high quality care and support while always keeping the person at the centre of everything we do.

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