Frequently asked questions

Very often, people have a vast number of questions when they are considering one of our services.

We’ve captured the most frequently asked questions here.  If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then please do get in touch with us.

How do you ensure quality standards are maintained?

We aspire to go above and beyond compliance measures to achieve a high quality service. We put great value on the input of our employees, people that we support and external stakeholders so that we continually learn and improve our support services. We also strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. We take pride in assuring quality from the inside out, ensuring from our values that all of our employees understand and embrace from day one the high importance of quality of support.

How do you tailor your support to the individual?

We understand that everyone is different, with different needs and abilities. so we get to know each person really well. We ensure that our staff deliver innovative person centred practices across the organisation and individuals are always supported with a person centred approach in mind.

For Walsingham Support, delivering person centred practices means providing and organising services rooted in listening to what people want and supporting them to live in their community as they choose. In line with our Personalisation Strategy, Walsingham Support aims to deliver person centred support in services that are individual to, and owned by, the people we support. Person centred practices are a core element of our values and are integrated into all delivery of support.

We comply with Care Quality Commission’s Fundamental Standards the National Minimum Standards for Domiciliary Care Agencies in Wales. We also recognise the legislative changes being implemented through The Care Act and The Care Bill.  In addition, we reference the Department of Health’s Putting People First and Personalisation through Person Centred Planning, which recognise the central role of person centred planning in delivering personalisation and maximising choice and control.

What is your approach to contracts management?

We ensure contract management is consistent across all levels of the organisation. We do not tender for business we feel we would be unable to adhere to and we take in to account the financial implications to the organisation before entering in to a contract.

As a specialist national provider, we are small enough to offer a personal approach, but big enough to remain stable while also delivering efficiencies.

Once a contract has been agreed, regular contract monitoring takes place internally across all levels of the organisation. As well as this, we welcomes contract monitoring visits from the Local Authority and will act quickly and efficiently to work through any identified actions. We firmly believe in ensuring consistent quality throughout all of our services and recognise the importance of honouring our contractual obligations to meet the needs of people we support.

What is your feedback policy?

We are committed to providing the best possible service and we welcome compliments, suggestions, concerns and complaints as an opportunity to recognise and reward good practice, make improvements in our services, and build the trust and confidence of the people we work with.

  • People we support, their relatives, advocates, representatives, commissioners, health professionals are encouraged to give compliments, raise suggestions and concerns and complaints
  • We are open, fair, responsive and proactive when we receive feedback
  • Concerns are dealt with early, openly and honestly
  • We manage complaints fairly and sensitively, resolving them at the earliest opportunity
  • Complainants are kept informed about timescales and progress while we investigate
  • We learn from feedback and use it to improvement our service
  • Our staff are confident in managing concerns and complaints fairly and sensitively.
Are your services registered with CQC/CSSIW?

All of our services are respectively registered with the Care Quality Commission and Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales. In addition, our  Quality team regularly audit all our services to ensure that we  offer quality support.

How are your staff trained?

The key qualities we look for when recruiting new people is their passion for supporting people and a ‘can do’ approach.

Each team member then receives individual support through a programme of planned continuous professional development. Walsingham Support’s unique training programme uses the best in contemporary skills development techniques, along with our own bespoke values training, which emphasises that everyone is different.

What is your safeguarding policy?

We operate a policy of zero tolerance of abuse and neglect. We believe that the people we support have a right to be treated in a way that respects their rights, independence, choice and dignity and we must safeguard them from all forms of abuse and harm.

This safeguarding policy does not stand alone, but must be read in conjunction with relevant local authority safeguarding adults’ policies and procedures.

Walsingham Support seeks to comply with all relevant safeguarding guidance and legislation, including guidance from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the National Minimum Standards for Domiciliary Care Agencies in Wales, Making Safeguarding Personal, the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the Department of Health’s No Secrets, and the Welsh Government’s In Safe Hands.