Solutions as unique as each individual we support

At Walsingham Support, we specialise in practical innovations. That doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. It does mean spending the time and taking great care to get to know each individual really well to deliver quality and value.

Getting to know each person

Every person’s needs are different, but we also know that the people we support want to be able to make choices and live as independently as possible.

So we offer a wide range of solutions and can provide a pathway within several different models of support. Our flexible approach adapts to meet each individual’s needs, capabilities and choices across different service models, including supported living, residential care, support at home, lifestyle support and extra care.

We work collaboratively with people we’re supporting and health and social care professionals to get the best outcome. We are responsive and turn things around quickly. And we have a ‘can do’ attitude – we will work hard to find a solution to even the most challenging situation.

Sarah Miller Deputy Chief Executive at Walsingham Support
Sarah Miller Deputy Chief Executive at Walsingham Support

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Case study


For Chris, moving out of a residential college into a new supported living service was going to be a huge change in lifestyle.

He has autism, a learning disability and occasionally shows challenging behaviour. His family had some initial concerns that he lacked the life skills to adjust to his new home.

But the Walsingham Support team talked with Chris and used person-centred planning tools to prioritise his goals and discuss how these would be achieved.

According to Chris’ dad Paul, the Walsingham Support staff took the time to get to know his son in depth, which ensured that the transition was positively life changing: “One of my worries was whether staff would know what to do in certain situations. Chris can get angry with himself if he’s not understood. But Matthew, the service manager, talked in such detail about how he would be supported that it put my fears to rest.

Moving to the supported living service has been the best thing that has ever happened to Chris. He seems as happy as he has ever been.”