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Sam’s adventures in Paris

We already provide Sam’s parents with respite support and saw this as an opportunity to support Sam to develop the skills needed to achieve his dream of travelling abroad.

In the build up to his holiday, we worked with Sam and his family to create a bespoke support plan filled with activities and trips that would engage him and enable him to increase his confidence visiting new places. 

Since visiting Disneyland Paris with his family when he was young, Paris has always held special memories for Sam, and when he was given the choice of where he wanted to go on holiday it was an easy decision.

Staff worked closely with Sam’s family and supported Sam to prepare for his trip by organising hotel breaks to help him get used to staying somewhere unfamiliar, an experience Sam loved.

Sam had a trip of a lifetime, as well as exploring Disneyland Paris he had the chance to take in some of Paris’s famous architecture including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and, his favourite place of all, Notre Dame.

This wasn’t just a holiday for Sam, it was a rite of passage and another step towards independence.