Jacob, a person we support in Ledbury talks about his Covid-19 experience, how he's been keeping himself busy and his hope for 2021

Let’s start at the very beginning, March 2020 – well no. December 2019 is when it first started, we were informed of this virus called Covid-19 originating in China with many cases swiftly occurring. In March 2020, it had spread globally and so we went home to our loved ones for the first national lockdown. When all of us went home we had a big Morrisons and Aldi shop to ensure we were fully stocked for the weeks ahead.

My brother and I returned to Keeper’s Cottage in September 2020 and made the most of lockdown with the help of the team at Walsingham Support by doing activities such as Gardening, Maths, English, Bushcraft and Woodwork. During all these activities we continued to social distance. Th second lockdown had us all self-isolating in our rooms for 10 days. We had to have our meals in our rooms and be distant from one another. During Christmas, some people stayed, and others went to their family’s homes. Isolation was surprisingly ok, I found it to be a blessing in disguise. How I coped? I have no idea, but I know I’ve done brilliantly. It feels good to be out of isolation and have more freedom and although Covid-19 cases may be rising, we continue to stay safe by distancing, washing our hands and wearing our masks.

It may be the third lockdown, but we will hopefully receive our vaccines soon, 2020 has been a dramatic year but I have hope for 2021. I simply cannot wait for all this to be over.