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Just another day at the office

Donna has always had self-esteem issues, but her confidence took a big hit after suffering from some health issues.

Donna became depressed and stopped going to the day centre which she had previously enjoyed. 

While Walsingham’s staff respected Donna’s wish to not go to the day centre, they encouraged her to pursue a different interest that would keep her active and support her personal development. Donna enjoys meeting new people so was persuaded by her key worker to get involved in a Walsingham Support recruitment event. Donna loved meeting and interacting with the applicants and making them tea and coffee.

Seeing how much Donna enjoyed being a part of the recruitment day, her key worker asked her if she’d be interested in a part-time job at one of Walsingham Support’s offices.

Donna jumped at the chance and she now works one day a week, answering phones, working on reception and cleaning the office.

Donna said: “I really like working with the people at the office.”

Being a part of a team and receiving compliments for her work really helped restore Donna’s self-esteem. The feeling of self-worth that she’s acquired from her job has empowered Donna to start going back to the day centre during the week.

However, nothing could stop her from attending her job on a Friday…

Donna said: “I like everything about my job. It’s brilliant. I really enjoy shredding documents and answering the phones.”